Let The Patio Company design a state-of-the-art sprinkler system to water your lawn and landscaping using Smart Controllers, the latest advancement in irrigation technology.

Where traditional irrigation systems had timers that could be set for different days of the week, different zones of the yard, and different amounts of time per zone, Smart Controllers allow for the additional evaluation of local weather conditions, and automatically vary the time and amount of water applied to the lawn based on weather input. Such systems can also be set to shut off if it starts raining, and to automatically adjust to seasonal weather changes.

A few Smart designs use soil moisture sensors to evaluate how much water is available in the soil for the plants to use, and how much more water is needed. Some designs download weather information daily, while others use hard-wired historical data supplemented with current forecasts. Information such as what days of the week watering is allowed, or any upcoming special events may be programmed into the controller as well.


Technicians from The Patio Company can help you design your new Smart Controller watering system based on your particular mix of plants and shrubs, lawns and flowers. Hardscape details should be taken into account during the design phase to avoid water waste, and other information such as the type of ground cover and the slope of the terrain is considered as well when personalizing your irrigation plan.

A combination of sprinkler head types and heights is used in each design to angle and direct water, and with the Smart Controller in charge of timing, you can be assured of a well-watered landscape while being water-wise as well. The Patio Company would be happy to get to work on a design for an environmentally-friendly, water-conserving irrigation plan for your home or business.



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