How is your pool priced?
Pricing for pools is usually based off a standard sized pool. Pool pricing is affected by many different factors including materials, design features, and equipment installed. Every job site is different and each one has variables that can affect pricing. Our team will work with you to provide the best project for your needs. After we give our estimate you will get a detailed proposal and plan specific to your pool project.

What is the right way to plan for your pool?
The best way to plan for a pool is to meet with us. Contact us here to begin planning for you pool. We will discuss how our construction equipment will enter your backyard. Where we put equipment (pumps, pipes, etc.) in relation to all of your utilities and of course your pool. We then can create a project that will lineup with your needs, appearance of pool and budget. Building a new home? The pool can be created from plot plans and a site inspection. The earlier you plan, the more money you will most likely save and achieve your dream pool!

How long will your custom pool take to build?
Pools on average take about six to eight weeks to construct. The time it takes to build a custom pool is dependent on several factors: size, shape, plumber, and the pool site. Keep in mind that more complex pools could take longer.

What protects my pool from electrical problems?
In most cases, a pool is protected from electrical problems by digging a trench in between the electric panel and equipment location. By law, this conduit must be metal, surrounded with insulation and buried 6″ underground. GFI circuits provide protection to lights and electrical plugs. These are used near any sink or bathroom inside your home. Circuit’s will instantly shut down when contact is made with water.

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