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If you are looking for landscaping work in Reading, MA, consider hiring The Patio Company to get the best landscaping design and installation in the area. We will come to your site and consult with you on the design elements that you would like to see in your landscape. We would love to work with new customers in the Reading area, so give us a call!

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Pool Builders in Reading, MA

The Patio Company has over 30 years experience when it comes to landscaping and installing swimming pools. Whether it is masonry, trellis, stone staircases, gardening, outdoor kitchens and more. The Patio Company has the skill set to provide any landscaping desire. Let us help you wake up and walk out to a beautiful landscape every day and celebrate in one every night. With a highly professional team skill in artisan, pool installation, and masonry, we are able to provide the best customer service available in landscaping companies. The choices are limitless, stone walkways, garden trellis’, in-ground swimming pools, night lighting to accentuate areas of the landscape and more!

The Patio Company prides itself on customer satisfaction if you are not satisfied we are not satisfied. For any landscaping or pool installation job we offer free estimates as well as financial service where we work with each individual on a competitive pricing budget so that any landscaping dream is not too far to reach. What are you waiting for? Your landscaping dreams are only a phone call away. Contact The Patio Company today.

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