2024 Garden trends that are making headlines

If creating an impact with your garden is the goal for this year, this is the one garden blog about gardening trends in 2024 that you don’t want to overlook.

Taking research from sources that have predicted the most up-and-coming trends since 2003, you can bet your dollar that the styles we ‘dig into’ below are a hot topic not only amongst the experts but are expected to be a favorable hit with Gen Z’ers and the more eco-conscious gardeners who are being influenced by technology, science, preservation and believe it or not – Netflix.

Now more than ever, an intentional garden matters

It’s an interesting change of season, but post-COVID, a new generation of gardeners is emerging.

According to Garden Media (2024), ‘Gen Zers have only ever worked from home. They see their home, and quality things to fill it, as a long-term investment.’

Now more than ever, first home buyers are looking at the way they invest in their home as the most rewarding investment into their lifestyle.

But it doesn’t stop there. With new statistics emerging around climate change and digital connectedness making awareness about these significant issues more widespread, the collective pull towards ‘going back to our roots’ and thinking more ‘green’ continues to become a core value of homeowners that, with no surprise, has led to the whole movement becoming ‘on-trend.

So, what gardening trends can you expect to see plastered all over social media and adopted by the most forward-thinking garden lovers of our time? Below is our compilation of 9 gardening trends that are expected to make headlines.

1. Creating more sustainable gardens with quality materials

In a recent report by Garden Media in 2024, a fascinating trend among Generation Z has come to light. It appears that nearly three-fourths, or 73%, of Gen Zers, express a strong willingness to invest both financially and patiently in sustainable products that offer superior quality.

This statistic underscores a notable shift in consumer preferences, signaling a growing awareness and commitment to environmental sustainability within this demographic.

So, how does this look practically?

Creating a sustainable garden can involve a variety of things:

Adopting eco-friendly practices that minimize environmental impact and foster biodiversity.

Introducing composting and garden waste to enrich the soil naturally.

Choosing more native plants, which are well-suited to the local climate and reducing the need for excessive water and maintenance.

Embracing organic gardening methods, avoiding synthetic pesticides and fertilizers in favor of natural alternatives.

Employing water conservation techniques such as drip irrigation and rainwater harvesting to reduce reliance on treated water sources.

Mulching to help retain soil moisture, suppress weeds, and regulate temperature.

Implementing pest management and encouraging pollinators by planting bee-friendly flowers.

Opting for energy-efficient tools and using recycled materials for garden structures.

Creating wildlife habitats with birdhouses and ponds, fostering biodiversity.

Practicing crop rotation to maintain soil fertility and

Staying informed about sustainable gardening through education and community engagement.

At The Patio Company, we’re passionate about helping our customers choose more eco-friendly garden designs and maintenance practices. You can find out more about our gardening design and maintenance services here.

2024 Garden trends that are making headlines - sustainable gardens

2. Filling gardens with plants that tell a story

Call it being sentimental, but another interesting trend we expect to see in the next 12 months is the popularity of meaningful gardens that tell a story. Whether it’s nostalgic plants that point to a certain era and remind us of simpler times or plants that are sustainably farmed by locals and make us feel like we’re doing our part to support people and the planet, a meaningful garden in 2024 is certainly where it’s at.

Garden Media (2024) further explains this by saying, ‘Zoomers are more interested in unique pieces that have a story, where it’s from, who made it. And owning those plants or products that add to their own story.’

The Patio Company - 2024 Garden trends that are making headlines - plants that tell a story

3. Looking to online influencers and creators for inspiration

Gone are the days of flicking through a magazine for inspiration.

According to Garden Media (2024), ‘Gen Z is the first generation raised entirely in a digital world. Retailers need to understand and cater to their specific habits and preferences, such as seeking input from trusted online sources and keeping website and social platforms up-to-date.’

But the impact of digitization isn’t limited there. With the next generation craving authenticity and being more savvy when it comes to discerning between paid advertising and organic, viral online content, consumers are more aware of who is setting the trends, which influencers to follow, and what reviews are genuine online.

With it now being said that ‘​​Creators are 3.5x more influential than social media ads’(Garden Media, 2024), we expect to see more people following garden trends that their favorite online influencers are adopting.

The Patio Company - 2024 Garden trends that are making headlines

4. Hortifuturism, AKA the sci-fi garden

Think neon lights and night gardens with unworldly-looking plants that glow in the moonlight. Inspired by a genre of sci-fi movies on Netflix, like Stranger Things, this futuristic look in garden design is surprisingly making a scene.

So how does one illuminate their garden with this progressive look? Think ‘Closed ecosystem terrariums, survivalist gardens, and night gardens that shine in starlight.

‘Neons, bright variegation, “alien” plants like unusual succulents, star flecked or silver-hued plants like ‘Sterling Moon’ Lunar Lights™ Begonia from Southern Living Plant Collection.

‘Consider a more avant-garde approach to displays, feature sharp angles, swooping vines, orbs, floral ‘starbursts’ (hello agapanthus!) and tags/labels in neon and metallic tones.’ (Garden Media, 2024).

How do you know if this look is for you? If you’re in love with the Singapore scene and outdoor gardens, prone to the views of a metropolitan city night sky, or simply love the idea of inviting your guests to a cocktail on the deck at midnight hour, this futuristic vibe could be totally for you!

Hortifuturism - 2024 Garden trends that are making headlines - The Patio Company

5. Goth gardens with a slightly dark tone

Think blood-red flowers, mysterious winding paths, and the spookiest garden beds that create a uniquely gothic feel.

While some go for pretty, others are opting for what Better Homes and Gardens (2024) would coin ‘A retro Victorian Era style that embraces a dark, haunted look in the garden.’

Love it or hate it, Garden Media (2024) certainly has some practical pointers for how to make this style come to life, suggesting to add that eerie touch, consider cultivating a selection of hauntingly beautiful plants. Varieties like the ‘Black Prince’ Snapdragon, Blood Red Sunflower, and Black Peony Poppy are particularly suitable, alongside the dark allure of black tulips.

Embracing a slightly unkempt aesthetic, letting withered plants and faded blooms contribute to the overall theme, is also a common theme here, perfect for the low-maintenance gardener. Certainly, it’s a unique look where life and death coexist in a captivating balance.

Goth Gardens - 2024 Garden trends that are making headlines - The Patio Company

6. Vertical gardens and hanging plants

Of course, maximizing space by using vertical garden designs and draping hanging and trailing plants from balconies and rooftops is also a 2024 hit.

Whether your goal is aesthetics, growing food, or creating a privacy wall, thinking vertically is certainly on the rise.

And what are the benefits of a trend like this? ‘Plants with draping forms often require less maintenance due to increased airflow, preventing rotting. It also allows plants to naturally ‘spill’ and trail as their vines grow.’ (Garden Media, 2024)

So, what plant choices are popular for this? According to Garden Media (2024), ‘String of Pearls, Pothos, Philodendron, Arrowhead, English Ivy, Inch Plant, Columnea, and Hoya’ are all incredible choices.

Vertical gardens - 2024 Garden trends that are making headlines - The Patio Company

7. Edible gardens

An edible garden is a specially cultivated space where various types of fruits, vegetables, herbs, and edible plants are grown for consumption.

Unlike traditional ornamental gardens, an edible garden focuses on cultivating plants that can be harvested and eaten. This type of garden allows individuals to grow their own fresh, organic produce, promoting sustainability and a closer connection to the food they consume.

Edible gardens can include a diverse range of crops such as tomatoes, lettuce, herbs like basil and mint, berries, and more. They can be created in various settings, including backyard plots, raised beds, containers, or even integrated into existing landscapes. Cultivating an edible garden not only provides a source of nutritious and delicious homegrown food but also offers a rewarding and enjoyable gardening experience, like having your very own farmers’ market right at home.

Edible Gardens - 2024 Garden trends that are making headlines - The Patio Company

8. Creating gardens in the limelight

Believe it or not, lime is certainly the color of the year. From modern and neon lime-colored outdoor furniture to more tropical-looking gardens and plant choices that display an array of colors that pop. Lime is definitely making an appearance in some of the most popular outdoor designs of 2024.

As Garden Media (2024) suggests, ‘Despite its vivid appearance, lime can be matched with many different colors. It looks great next to fuchsia, bright oranges, yellow, and shades of pink and purple can also work for a radiant, lively palette. Lime pops next to black and also matches well with neutrals like white and tan.’

So, what do you think? Are you inspired and ready to make 2024 the year you take your garden to the next level?? Let us help you design and maintain a garden that’s truly on-trend. Contact The Patio Company today.


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