Driveways that Reduce Pollution

How can you help to reduce the number of pollutants and pesticides reaching our town’s lakes and rivers? By re-directing the route of rainwater as it falls to the ground.

The path of rainwater trails off from a home or building’s roof, through gutters and across an asphalt driveway (or walkway) picking up contaminants along the way. It eventually runs off to a storm drain which then reaches nearby lakes and rivers. You can prevent this by installing a permeable driveway or walkway which will then allow the rainwater to seep through the joints of the pavers and drain into the ground. The soil in the ground has natural microorganisms that will break down the pollutants and purify the water.

Along with reducing the impurities reaching our lakes and rivers, these previous surfaces will also soften the look of your yard and reduce heat otherwise emitted through typical asphalt driveways and walkways. Your entrance will be more durable and long lasting no matter what gets thrown at it.

We offer free estimates and work with each client on a competitive pricing budget. Our certified and trained paver installation crew will design any paver driveway that meets local and state requirements for stormwater runoff. We can install pavers mechanically which will reduce the cost and the amount of time to install.



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