Turn your backyard into a tropical getaway with a new custom inground swimming pool. The Patio Company will help with pool installation and designing a private oasis for you and your family to enjoy all summer.

Local Massachusetts Pool Builders

The Patio Company creates more than patios, gardens, and outdoor kitchens. We also build beautiful in-ground swimming pools! For over 30 years, we have worked on various landscaping projects and swimming pool installations all across Massachusetts. Our professional construction team and landscape designers will take care of everything, from the concept to the pool installation itself. The Patio Company also obtains the necessary permits and regulations needed for your county to begin pool installation.

Several options are available to customize an inground swimming pool, from adding a new pool deck to building an entirely new, custom pool. We can design your pool to match the surrounding landscape and home architecture. Some of our past pool projects include free-form grottos, splash pools, diving rocks, spas, gunite pools, and more!

Custom Swimming Pool Designs

The inground swimming pool has forever been the single element that brings the most visible and enjoyable impact to any landscape. From small plunge pools to dedicated lap pools, adding the element of water brings life to any outdoor space.

Choosing the right material, shape, and size can seem like a daunting task, but with our expert swimming pool designers, there are no limits to your backyard dreams. Using the latest technology and techniques, we will help you create your personal tropical getaway, keeping you involved every step of the way as you watch your ideas take shape in front of you.

Taking a client’s desired pool design and using our own artisan techniques, we are able to incorporate elegant landscaping designs that flow with each in-ground swimming pool installation. Our creative team has the ability to create pools in every style, shape, or combination. The choices are limitless.

Full-Service Pool Landscaping

At The Patio Company, we can turn any plain landscape into a dream oasis. Unlike other pool companies, our design encompasses all aspects of both the pool installation and the accompanying landscape design. Integrating your inground swimming pool and landscape seamlessly is important to us. We work with the natural contours and details of any landscape to build a swimming pool that stands out from the rest. From adding a pool deck or patio to creating stone trimmed spas and free-form pools, we design everything with the intent to match your surrounding landscape.

Our swimming pools are designed to be high-quality living spaces for you to escape, relax, or have fun with friends or family. The pool services we offer are top of the line, as we believe that everyone is entitled to their dream design and project.

Pool Installation Pricing

The average cost of a fiberglass or Gunite pool installation project ranges from $160,000 – $250,000, depending on the shape, size and surrounding pool decking and landscaping.

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Types Of Inground Swimming Pools

A swimming pool should be more than just a hole in the ground with water in it! There are a variety of designs to choose from and customize. With over 30 years of experience in landscaping, we will help you assess your outdoor area and design an in-ground swimming pool that compliments your backyard and also your lifestyle. The Patio Company will also help with pool installation. 

We can create projects in every style of pool, or any combination of styles, including:

Fiberglass Pools

Looking for a pool installation as quickly as possible? Fiberglass pools take less time to install than concrete or other materials, so you can be dipping into your new pool in no time! These in-ground pools are also easy to maintain, and have low long term maintenance costs.

Lap Pools

Lap pool designs are characteristically long and narrow. Usually a rectangular shape, these pools are best suited to narrow outdoor spaces and can benefit homeowners looking for a swimming pool to improve their fitness and well being. With a lap pool, you can get your regular exercise in without leaving the privacy of your own backyard.

Freeform Pools

Freeform pools are perfect for creating your own tropical oasis. Their irregular shape and style is often complimented by rock, as well as waterfall features to create backyard lagoons or grottos.

Geometric Pools

Unlike the curved lines of free form pools, geometric pools use straight edges and also sharp lines to create square or rectangular swimming pools. If you are after a more modern look to your outdoor space, geometric pools are the perfect fit.

Plunge Pools

In the pool game, size really does matter. Plunge pools range from 4 to 8 meters in length and between 2 to 3 meters wide. This compact size means they are not only the perfect fit for smaller outdoor spaces and patios, but are also easier to clean and maintain. Plunge pools are also highly versatile and can be designed to warm you up in the chilly Massachusetts winter. They can also cool you down in the middle of summer. In Massachusetts we know the temperature can change drastically over the season and we want your pool to be ready for any temperature.

Gunite Pools

Our in-ground gunite swimming pools are the top choices for homeowners and home value because of their versatility, durability and added beauty. Gunite pools can be built in a variety of shapes, sizes and finishes. Pebbles, stone, or even glass are incorporated into designs for a create a truly unique, high end swimming pool.

Spa Pools

Pool spas are a great addition to any outdoor landscape, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors all year round. Why wait until summer to entertain your family and friends? Incorporate a spa into your in-ground pool design for style and also versatility to your outdoor living space.

Whatever swimming pool design you are looking for, let us help make your vision come to life. We provide free estimates and work with each individual budget to give you the pool of your dreams. Contact us or give us a call at 978-468-9793 to start building your dream pool.


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