7 Stunning pool remodeling ideas for 2023

Looking To Upgrade Your Outdoor Oasis With a Pool Renovation?

The first thing to remember is that your backyard does not end at your pool’s edge. We recommend looking at the entire backyard space to ensure you’ll enjoy a truly renovated, refreshed oasis all summer long.

With all the options of a grand swimming pool remodel, we know first-hand that it can be overwhelming to decide which pool remodeling ideas are worth the investment. Below, we have included seven exciting pool remodeling ideas that we believe can give you a wonderful result and add value to your property.

1. Make a Splash With Water Features

pool and spa

Pool and spa with water feature by The Patio Company

Adding water features that make a splash, like fountains, waterfalls, scuppers, and sprayers, are often simple to layer into an existing pool design and can breathe new life into a lackluster pool area with motion and sound.

When you add water features to your outdoor area, the lush sound of falling water can boost your ambiance level around the pool.

Water features may be built into a small retaining wall on one side of the pool or into a mound of boulders. Elegant and refined or wild and natural, well-thought-out water features can easily blend into the overall surroundings.

2. Heat Things up With a Fire Pit

patio with fire pit, pool house and pool

Custom stone fire pit area by The Patio Company.

A stone fire pit is a fantastic way to give your outdoor space warmth, and unintentional light might be the upgrade your outdoor area needs. When thoughtfully designed and integrated into your property’s landscape, an outdoor fireplace will extend the living space of your home and provides another zone for your family and friends to gather.

We’ve heated many backyards, and we believe adding a stone fire pit feature is the perfect centerpiece for any celebration or get-together. It’s a great way to draw people together in a warm and inviting environment and allows you to entertain and enjoy your outdoor space into late fall and early spring.

3. Add Charm With Pool Resurfacing

pool resurfacing

Pool resurfacing and retiling by The Patio Company

Swimming pool resurfacing can be a solid way to add charm back into what was once a spectacular swimming pool.

When you resurface your in-ground swimming pool, it improves the look of your pool while also serving the practical purpose of replacing something that wears over time. If your pool currently has a simple plaster finish, an update could also make your pool look more modern. These days, many people choose aggregate finishes that come in different colors and incorporate stones, shells, mosaic tiles, or other materials.

4. Sparkle Your Sanctuary With Outdoor Lighting

pool landscape lighting

Landscaping lighting around pool. Photo by: Rick Bethem Photography

After sunset, it is common for beautiful outdoor spaces to be swallowed by darkness. Adding light to your outdoor oasis lets you magically showcase your landscape, stone, and plants in their best light. Lighting can also add a whole new dimension to your outdoor space and add a sense of warmth.

Our design team can configure several outdoor landscape lighting designs that will highlight focal points on your property, access points to outdoor spaces, and property entrances.

We use low-voltage lighting to create a relaxing ambiance for your landscape at night, and garden lights are well hidden safely in the ground near features such as plants, trees, walls, statues, and pillars. Angling and hiding the lights creates a beautiful, highlighted look on all your landscape’s features.

5. Pretty Your Place With a Brand-New Pool Deck or Pavers

inground pool with stone patio pavers

Custom stone pool pavers by The Patio Company

Adding a brand-new pool deck or pool pavers could be your answer to a beautiful outdoor upgrade to complete your outdoor space.

For a well-designed landscape, a pool deck or patio is just as important as the pool. From sunbaking to playing and entertaining your guests, you may find that you spend more time on the deck than inside your swimming pool. So a well-thought-out design should be considered to finish your landscape.

Whether you’re looking to create a tropical oasis, natural grotto, or modern masterpiece, pool decking can take your swimming pool to the next level. We work with our clients to ensure the design is inviting, enjoyable, and safe for your family so you can get the most out of your space.

With over 30 years of combined experience in stone masonry, We can create a beautiful pool deck from any of the below materials:

  • Stone pavers
  • Tiles
  • Wood Decking
  • Poured concrete

6. Enhance Your Outdoor Living Space With a Patio or Pergola

pool patio renovation

Paved pool patio with dining, lounge, and fire pit seating areas. Design by The Patio Company

It has been said that spending time outdoors in nature is one of the best things we can do for our health and well-being, and by incorporating a well-designed outdoor living space into your property, we can make that happen. A Patio will enable you to spend more time with friends and family outside, allowing you to enjoy fresh air and sunshine while you relax in your exterior living space.

An alternative may also be to add an outdoor structure like a gazebo, pergola, or pavilion. Each option can be a stylish and practical addition to any landscape design and increase the value of your home. Whether you’re looking to add shade to your backyard or create the perfect platform for your stone fire pit – a covered patio can provide the perfect space for entertaining or relaxing at home.

7. Upgrade Your Oasis With Integrated Landscaping

landscape design massachusetts

Integrated pool and landscape design by The Patio Company

Upgrading your landscape design can offer many benefits; not only will a lush oasis boost your curb appeal, but it can also help keep your backyard cooler and improve the overall air quality.

We believe every landscape has its own natural beauty, and each outdoor space has the potential to be transformed into a welcoming, stylish, and multi-functional living space that you and your family can enjoy all year round. Whether you are looking to host dinner parties, entertain friends by the fire pit, or simply relax by your swimming pool, we will work with you to design a layout made specifically for your home and lifestyle.

There are so many stunning ideas for a grand pool renovation. Whether you have a design in mind or are just exploring ideas, our team would love to hear your ideas! Contact us today and tell us about your pool remodeling project.

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