10 Ideas for Creating the Ultimate Backyard Entertaining Area

When in the process of designing a well-curated backyard entertainment area, it’s important to consider not only how it will enhance the liveability of your home, but also whether you need it to add long-term value to your property in the years ahead.

A backyard can be immaculately manicured in its presentation, but if it doesn’t encourage people to utilize the space well, or add a sense of comfort, it may not be as appealing or inspiring to stay, linger and use the space as initially intended. To make an entertainment area in your backyard worth your while, it is important to strike the balance between practicality and design.

To find this balance, we’ve put together a list of 10 Backyard Entertainment Ideas that are sure to add both value and liveability to your next outdoor renovation project.

1. Seating is a must!

outdoor paved patio seating

Whenever planning your outdoor entertainment space, take into consideration seating, traffic flow, and how practical it is for people to comfortably sit down and utilize the space. One of the biggest mistakes people make when creating an outdoor living area is underestimating the space needed to comfortably host and allow people to be in the space. Entertainment areas require proper spatial planning. Take into account where people will lounge, chat and be most active. Also, don’t be afraid to get practical and turn different storage options into seating arrangements.

When choosing your seating, think about whether it will be built-in stone hedging, timber storage seats, or individual deck chairs. Your preference for style, sizing, and comfort will play a huge role in determining the right chairs for your space. 

2. An outdoor TV for max entertainment

outdoor living with tv

Nothing says entertainment like a big-screen TV in the backyard. If you plan on having an outdoor entertainment area with good weather-proofing coverage, an outdoor lounge space with a TV could be one of the best-finishing touches. This is a great idea for those who enjoy hosting a large group of friends or family for big sporting events (hello Super Bowl!) or couples and families who like a nice intimate movie night in.

Outdoor TV entertainment areas are great for a balmy summer night watching the basketball or cuddled up with a blanket during the colder months watching your favorite movie.

Ensuring you have the right materials, is where an expert patio designer like ourselves can help!

3. Stay warm with a backyard fire pit  

Paved patio with stone firepit

Fire pits are one of the most popular additions to outdoor entertainment spaces for good reason. Perfect for the winter months when the air has a little bite, fire pits offer a stylish ambience and can be both the main centrepiece of your garden and a vital addition to your entertainment space.

Your fire pit can be beautifully customized to suit your outdoor space and fireproofed with either a brick or concrete base. Add seating around the pit or ensure enough space to stand. However, you picture gathering friends for a toasty night under the stars, ensuring that the design accommodates this will be key.

Not sure if a fire pit is for you? Fire pits always look great whether they are in-ground or above-ground, all styles make for a wonderful and warm addition to your entertainment space, for those with young children or pets, ensuring you have enough safety measures in place will also be important.

This is where working with an expert landscape designer who is well-versed in fire pit design will be important.

4. Alfresco dining with an outdoor kitchen  

gloucester outdoor kitchen

Mapping out some backyard entertainment area ideas for your first home, forever home, or investment property? Creating an additional space to eat, drink and be merry will not only add extra space to spread out and enjoy the property but a whole lot of value when it comes to re-selling. Outdoor kitchen spaces are a grand idea that adds a level of atmosphere to your alfresco space when you gather people in your backyard entertainment space.

An alfresco dining and kitchen area outside can be as simple or as ambitious as you please, it is important to acknowledge just how often you will use it before going and creating a whole new kitchen space though. This space can turn the typical Sunday afternoon barbecue into a Sunday evening feast – forget burgers and bagels and think of three-course dining that is planned and prepared all in the comfort of your backyard. A sink, grill, oven, stone bench tops, and chopping block can all be built in if your budget allows.

And, if a full kitchenette isn’t something you’re ready for, why not opt for a wood-fired pizza oven with ample bench space to serve up some thin, crispy bases with all of your favorite toppings? But more on that later. These spaces can be enjoyed year-round depending on your level of coverage and the elements.

5. Relax in the shade with a pergola  

manchester ma pergola installation

Simplicity is key with pergolas, yet they make a world of difference when set up in your backyard. Pergolas are great because they can serve as either the main focal point to your backyard entertainment area, or be an additional lounge space separate from a deck or alfresco area. Curated timber or steel frames are perfect depending on your style and finish, these pergolas look great when full shrubs surround and accompany the perimeter of your setup.

Pergolas provide great coverage of shade and protection from the sun, but it is vital that they also serve as a relaxing lounge area – especially if it is to be the main centrepiece of your entertainment area. The Pergola can host long day beds that one can stretch out and nap on or multiple pillowed chairs around a small table for tapas.

The opportunity in the pergola space is dependent on your budget and intention, so be sure to communicate your style and think outside the box when dreaming up your space.

6. Entertain freely and widely with a patio.

paved patio entertainment area

Patio spaces are the perfect gathering places for your outdoor entertainment space. Adjacent to your home and constructed on the ground floor, their open design makes it more inviting to wander from the indoors into the outdoors with no limitations. When designed right, these areas promote ultimate relaxation and complement a nicely curated garden. With so many patio design options to optimize and overlook the rest of your backyard, when coupled with shade and furniture, you can marvel at your well-kept garden from the comfort of your own patio.

Patio spaces also look great when built at different heights to the rest of your backyard area, really defining the space as its own if it is raised or lowered to the rest of your backyard.

Whether tiled or concreted, patios can be filled with a range of furniture or entertainment ideas to make for your own unique entertainment experience.

7. A spa adds value and style all year round

spa installation with wooden decking

Your friends and family won’t need a reason to come around when you have an outdoor spa. They are great in any season and are tremendous value for money when added to a vibrant outdoor space. When it comes to deciding where to place them in your entertainment space, spas are quite versatile and can be built into more locations than you may think, so you are not entirely shoehorned into placing them specifically in one area of your backyard.

An outdoor spa will look especially impressive when placed on the deck, under the patio, or tucked away at the end of a winding garden path surrounded by foliage.

8. Please the whole family with an outdoor wood-fired pizza oven

Our backyard lounge ideas just keep coming. If you’re trying to find a great backyard lounge area idea that is both practical and a little bit special, don’t look past an outdoor wood-fired pizza oven. A woodfire pizza oven is a great addition to your lounge area as it is a practical entertainment piece that can be used all throughout the year, no matter the event or number of guests you may have in your backyard.

It’s worth noting, these pieces do come at a cost due to fireproofing and also the materials required, but it is the ultimate backyard entertainment piece to show off when wanting to cook delicious homemade pizzas in the warmer or cooler months.

Alongside an alfresco dining area or in its own separate space, the pizza oven is a great addition to an upbeat modern or traditional outdoor space.

9. Strip Heaters and drop-down blinds provide comfort for the cooler months

Whether manual or automatic, drop-down blinds can section off your outdoor entertainment space, almost creating another room for your home. When paired with gas strip heaters, this outdoor space is perfectly temperature-controlled for all weather conditions.

Drop-down blinds serve as great sun blockers and provide a necessary means for shade when you are relaxing in your backyard patio, but also keep the wind at bay and can lock in the heat on a cooler night.

Installing both blinds and heaters allows for your outdoor space to be utilized all year round and adds a great deal of style, value, and practicality to your home.

10. There’s a reason pools are a crowd favorite.

Expensive? Yes. But worth it? Definitely. Pools are a great addition to your entertainment space if suitable for your budget and family. There is a reason that people love pools, and it’s because they offer something that no other backyard can offer in the warmer months – refreshment, cooling down, and a place to escape the heat whilst still soaking in the outdoors.

The beauty of pools is that you don’t need to have a ton of space to build one in your backyard, and thanks to some more affordable options like above-ground pools it won’t break the bank if you budget well. Depending on the style and setup of your backyard entertainment area, how your pool fits within your outdoor space is dependent on its surrounding features. Safety gates, tiling, landscaping, and pool covers all add to the look and feel of your backyard.

If you are looking to be the ultimate weekend host, a pool is a great place to start if the space allows it. We can certainly help you design the perfect pool area for your needs.

When pulling together all the ideas for your backyard entertainment area, it is important to remind yourself what it will do to both the value and liveability of your home.

When you look at your next backyard project through this lens, every big idea or addition to the space will be filtered through the lens of ensuring it aligns with your intended outcome.

It is never too late to get the ideas stirring and to see transformation take shape in your outdoor space. 

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