How to choose the best stone patio design

Stone Patio Design Tips

Looking to renovate your backyard, but not sure what type of stone patio design will be best for your home?

We know this can be a difficult decision for many homeowners, as the design you choose can have a tremendous impact on both the look and feel of your backyard.

That’s why we have put together this short guide to help you choose the best stone material and paver design for your new patio.

Step 1: Choose your stone material

The first stage of designing a new stone patio is choosing the right paver. It’s important to understand the different types of stone available, and to consider the style of your home interior and exterior, and how your new space will be used.

Below are the most common stone pavers which can be used to create patios, walkways and even outdoor fireplaces and firepits:

Techo Blu 60

Inspired by natural slate stones, Techo Blu 60 comes in a variety of colors ranging from grey to brown. Available in smooth or rugged textures, these pavers are usually arranged in a modular pattern and can make an impact on any walkway, patio, or pool deck.

techno blu 60 pavers

Techno blu 60 pavers installed around an inground pool in Manchester, MA.

Bluestone pavers

Bluestone is a popular choice due to its durability and versatility. Available in a range of magnificent blue-grey colors. This natural stone can be cut into any style. When used as patio pavers, bluestone can be cut into various shapes including square, rectangular and flagstone, and has the ability to withstand harsh weather conditions.

Bluestone patio pavers

Multi-level pool patio in Essex, MA, built with a combination of bluestone patio pavers.


Granite is a premium stone used in many modern landscape designs due to it’s high-end look and extreme durability.

A beautiful volcanic stone formed and hardened over millions of years, granite is one of the hardest natural stones you can find today and is best suited to high-traffic areas such as patios, walkways and driveways.

Granite patio pavers are available in a range of natural colors which won’t fade over time, due to the stone’s weather-resistant properties.

inground pool with stone patio pavers

Granite patio pavers installed as part of a pool renovation at this Gloucester, MA oceanfront property.


Pea-stone is a popular choice for those in search of budget-friendly patio materials. Available in a range of colors including green, gray, white, blue, tan, and brown, these compact stones can fill a patio area of any shape or size to create a low maintenance backyard.

Step 2: Choose your stone paver style

Running bond stone patterns

Running bond is a typical stone pattern and for a good reason too. With its ability to work seamlessly with natural stone pavers, concrete pavers, cobblestones, and bricks, the running bond stone pattern provides a firm enough surface for porches, walkways, and patios.

Running Bond pavers

Running bond pavers create a long winding pathway through the manicured gardens of this Gloucester, MA property.

Flagstone/Bluestone patio pavers

Natural Bluestone is a popular paver style suited to both modern and traditional homes that can be used with popular natural stone including pattern bluestone, granite and techno blu 60. As well as creating an interesting design feature in your backyard, natural bluestone pavers make a safe and durable flooring due to the pattern’s non-slip texture.

flagstone patio pavers

Flagstone patio pavers used to create a seating area around a custom stone fire pit at this property in Essex, MA.

Random stone patterns

If you are after a more unique paver design, you could consider a random stone pattern for your new patio or outdoor space. When combined with natural stone such as granite or bluestone, random stone patterns can add a wow factor to any home.

random stone pattern

Stone pavers installed in a random pattern create a large pool patio and entertaining space in Wenham, MA.

Step 3: Consider other design features

Just like interior living spaces, it’s important to consider how your outdoor living space will be used by your family and any guests. Now that you’ve chosen your stone material and paver pattern, it’s time to consider what other functional elements you might add to your new patio design.

Outdoor kitchen and dining area

outdoor kitchen design

Dining outdoors has its perks, and a well-designed backyard patio can add so much more to your meals with friends and family.

Fire pit or fireplace

custom stone fire pit area

This elegant design feature will help you create a cozy space to gather with loved ones.

Hot tub

hot tub on stone patio

Your unused home patio space can look even better with a hot tub and built-in seating for small parties.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to designing a custom paved patio. With over 30 years experience building and designing high-end patio projects across Massachusetts, The Patio Company can help you bring your vision to life. Contact us today and tell us about your dream project – we can’t wait to hear your ideas!

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