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3 Step Guide to Understanding
Landscaping Contractors

We will give you a simple run down of what we do.


Our Garden designers are some of best in the business. What most people don’t realize is garden design requires special skills and maintenance.

Lucky for you, we have some of the best master gardener and an experienced team that will fertilize, hand water, prune, and handles all of your needs.

Environments are our canvas your dream landscape is our job. We well give you an estimated design of what the garden will look like no matter how big or small. Then the patio company team will begin to own your wonderful land to get the dream garden you’ve always wanted.

With The Patio Company, we will handle your dream carefully and paint the landscape you’ve always wanted in Lowell, MA.


With stone, we can use a lot of Stone and many different things we can create like walls. Most stone walls we create are unique to your land and based on a type of the land and budget.

Pillars are also something we take pride in as pillars can greatly benefit your house. We will build a solid base.

Patios and Stone terraces are a proper investment in improving your value for your home and will give your family and friends a place to relax properly.

Aprons and Cobblestone Borders are a great way to accent your planting areas, driveways, and walkways. Borders are great in encompassing your house and making it actually look bigger than it really is.

Stepping Stones are also an alternative to repairing your stairs but if you want to keep your stairs we can also fix them up and make them look fantastic!

As you can see we can do a lot with stone and whether you just want to accent or build an entire castle pool we are here for your needs.


Brighten the life of the landscape of your house is crucial for night time activities. Our landscape contractors provide all kinds of lighting designs and most of our designs are based on how the landscape looks on your property. We want to help your property as much as possible.

Landscape lighting gives life to the night at your house. Giving your house natural looking lights will create an ambiance for all kinds of things to happen like barbecues and host all kinds of parties and be the guy or girl who everybody wants to go over all the time.

Safety and Security are an additional benefit of lighting as the enhanced lighting will make robberies less likely to happen. The lights will assist any security cameras around your house and if you need to get our quick you can see your way out or if your have to do simple chores around the house safely so you don’t injure yourself tripping on a random toy or stone.

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