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If you are looking for landscaping work in Newburyport, MA, consider hiring The Patio Company to get the best landscaping design and installation in the area. We will come to your site and consult with you on the design elements that you would like to see in your landscape. We would love to work with new customers in the Newburyport area, so give us a call!

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The Patio Company is among one of the best landscaping and pool installation companies in Massachusetts. With well over 30 years of experience in landscaping, we offer the ability to make any landscaping or pool installation dream a reality. Our skilled craftsman is at the top of their class. With a variety of skill sets and artisanship, The Patio Company’s team members have what it takes to face-lift any property or landscape. Our landscaping is defined as the ability to contour and accentuate the landscape to bring out the hidden beauty in every curve, shape, and detail. The Patio Company is proud to say that we are experts at making any landscape an elegant piece.

The Patio Company prides itself on being one of the number one landscaping companies in Massachusetts. We are not satisfied until each and every one of our customers are satisfied. We also provide free estimates on any landscaping need as well as offering a competitive pricing budge for each individual so that any landscaping dream is not out of grasp. What are you waiting for? Contact the Patio Company today, your outdoor dream is a phone call away.

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