The Top 10 Outdoor Lighting Ideas To Light Up Your Outdoor Oasis

When it comes to outdoor lighting ideas that tick all the boxes for style and practicality, you can’t go past our top 10 suggestions. Whether you have a pool or outdoor kitchen or simply want to light up your yard’s best features and create an outdoor oasis that feels just as inviting to unwind in, the following article will touch on the kind of lighting options you need to consider and add to your wishlist.

1. Frame the patio with the right lighting

When considering how to illuminate your patio with the right lighting for the space, consider the vibe you’re trying to create. Whether it’s a soft, whimsical feel or a more urban, trendy evening under the stars, you can experiment with different lighting styles to suit the space.

For small, cozy spaces needing a subtle, gentle glow, you can’t go past the traditional fairy lights or twinkle lights that can be draped overhead or used to line the edges of the patio.

Of course, for those looking for some grungier outdoor decking lighting ideas, we can’t overlook the weatherproof outdoor string lights with exposed globes that give off a more masculine and upbeat tone to the space.

To complete the look, mix in some distressed or reclaimed materials, such as wooden crates or metal accents. The contrast between the industrial lighting and rustic features will contribute to a unique and eclectic outdoor space, perfect for hosting gatherings or enjoying a quiet evening with an urban-inspired flair.

2. Highlight nature for a mystical feel

Next up for outdoor lighting ideas, we are exposing the power of highlighting foliage, trees, and feature plants with some solar lights, backlights, and spotlights. Hidden in the midst of fernery or perfectly positioned on the trunks of trees, by highlighting nature, you can create the most distinctive shadows and scenery.

And while we’re on the topic of outdoor tree lighting ideas, if a boho-relaxed garden setting is more your vibe, you must take a look at the beautiful options available for lanterns and pendants that you can hang from the tree branches. There really are so many trends to be inspired by when it comes to outdoor landscape lighting ideas that make the most of the natural surroundings.

Highlight nature for a mystical feel

3. Feature the waterworks – outdoor pool lighting ideas

From in-pool lighting to floor lanterns, candles, and outdoor lamps that are the pinnacle of mood lighting, 2023 trends for lighting up all your summer nights spent outdoors don’t get much more resort-like than this. Picture it now: a light barbecue dinner before an evening swim at dusk, the timer set for dimmed lighting to flicker on the pool and garden lights just moments after the sunset.

Want some tips on the practicals?

  • Install water jets or fountains with built-in lighting. The movement of water combined with the play of light adds a dynamic and lively element to your pool area.
  • Use up-lighting to highlight special features of your pool, such as waterfalls, statues, or landscaping elements. This adds depth and visual interest to the overall pool design.
  • Need a bit of fun and vibrancy? Choose color-changing lights that allow you to switch between different hues.
  • Illuminate the edges of your pool with LED strip lights or recessed lighting. This enhances the pool area’s safety and creates a visually appealing outline for the water.
  • And for some extra, eye-catching charm, use floating pool lights that can drift on the water’s surface. These lights often come in different shapes and colors, creating a playful and decorative feature for your pool.

Feature the waterworks - outdoor pool lighting ideas

4. Light up the path – illuminate their steps

Next on the list for backyard outdoor lighting ideas, let’s wander through the inspiration for lighting that paves the way, whether it be ideas for footpath lights or outdoor stairway lighting ideas.

When selecting pathway lights that align with your practical requirements and stylistic preferences, you need to take into account some essential factors. Consider the light’s color temperature, the spacing between each globe, and the appropriate height at which the lights should be installed. Whether opting for subtle inground deck lights or elegant bollard lights positioned at shin height, make thoughtful choices to ensure an optimal blend of safety and ambient allure in your outdoor space.

Light up the path - illuminate their steps

5. Feature the Gazebo

Invite your guests to other areas of the garden and create charming outdoor spaces that light up the backyard with outdoor gazebo lighting ideas like these.

For mesmerizing and enchanting – string lights hung around the perimeter of the roofing or criss-crossed overhead. Alternatively, wind a set of fairy lights around the columns of the gazebo, drape them across the ceiling, or weave them through the foliage for a whimsical effect.

For something a little more cultural, tropical, and Balinese style – position spotlights on surrounding foliage, invest in tiki torches, or consider standing lanterns to illuminate the path toward the gazebo.

For timeless sophistication and ultimate practicality, lighted ceiling fans, decorative chandeliers, and pendants are all stunning options that can be easily installed into a covered gazebo with the right team helping you. Loving our backyard outdoor lighting ideas so far? Our team are experts when it comes to outdoor lighting; just see for yourself.

6. Make it eco-friendly with solar lights and landscaping

Of course, we can’t discuss the top 10 lighting ideas without talking about sustainability. At The Patio Company, we’re always looking for energy-efficient ways to lighten up the yards we create.

This is where solar-powered technology comes in. By harnessing energy from the sun to power various elements in landscaping, you can save on electricity by opting for lights in the garden, along the paths, and more that are solar-powered.

Of course, other sustainable lighting options are also available, including motion-activated lights that only turn on when motion is detected, illuminating the space when needed, and conserving energy when the area is not in use. Timer controls, dimmers, and low voltage lighting like LEDs are also popular choices that we install for our customers when energy efficiency is something on the ‘dream backyard wishlist.’

Make it eco-friendly with solar lights and landscaping

7. Think about the boundaries

Ever stepped foot into a yard that felt just as inviting, expansive, and magnificent at night time as it does in the daytime? The secret is strategic lighting, which is where outdoor fence lighting ideas and outdoor wall light ideas come into play.

Just think about it: why light up just the patio area when there is a whole yard to enjoy? Layered lighting that thinks about foreground lighting, middle ground lighting, and background lighting will instantly add depth to the space and the feeling that you have a whole yard to spread out and enjoy. For example, garden lights in the foreground and middle ground are nicely juxtaposed with uplighting or downlighting on fences or wall sconces. Alternatively, you can also install lights on the top of your fence posts with post cap lights. These lights come in various styles, providing both a decorative and functional element.

8. Create a stunning entry

So far, we’ve spoken a lot about outdoor lighting for the backyard, but let’s switch gears for a moment to focus on one of the most viewed spaces at night, with outdoor lighting ideas for the front of the house.

Entryway lighting, whether it be stylish sconces, lanterns, or overhead lighting fixtures, should each tie in with the architectural style you have chosen for your home, whether Modern and Contemporary, Classic Hamptons or Country, there are so many pendants and decorative choices available.

For outdoor porch lighting ideas, the standard light on either side of the front door gives off a warm, inviting glow, mirrored with two matching outdoor lights on either side of the garage door.

Of course, for those living in dimly lit areas, a motion-activated floodlight can also be practical to install for your driveway.

Step lighting to the front door and along any leading paths is also helpful for safe navigation as well as solar-powered lighting on your postal box to illuminate your address numbers. Not only do all of these lighting options give a completed garden look, but they prove that the details really do count when it comes to achieving consistency in the ambiance, style, and practicality of a front yard’s design.

Create a stunning entry

9. Be practical with kitchen lighting

Back to discussing the backyard, a well-lit outdoor kitchen is one more space we want to shine the light on. Not only will it enhance the practicality of the space well into the evening, but add a unique sense of ambiance that an indoor kitchen will never be able to compete with.

So, what are the additional things to consider when it comes to lighting up outdoor kitchens? Here are a few outdoor kitchen lighting ideas and options:

Task Lighting for Grill Areas:

Ensure proper lighting for the grill area with adjustable task lighting. This is crucial for cooking and monitoring food, especially during evening gatherings.

Bar Lighting:

If your outdoor kitchen includes a bar or seating area, install pendant lights or bar lighting to create a stylish and functional space for entertaining.

Under Cabinet or Undercounter Feature Lighting:

Install LED strip lights under cabinets and counters to provide focused illumination for food preparation and cooking. Place under-counter lights to highlight the edges of your outdoor kitchen. This not only adds a stylish element but also enhances safety by defining the space.

Pendant Lights Over Bench Areas:

Hang pendant lights directly over food prep areas and benches. This not only provides task lighting but also adds a decorative touch to the space.

Recessed Lighting in the Ceiling:

Use recessed lighting in the ceiling to ensure overall illumination. Position these lights strategically to cover the entire kitchen area evenly.

10. Don’t forget the feature lights

Last but certainly not least, when it comes to outdoor lighting, we can’t forget the feature lights that really do leave an unforgettable impression. Although we’ve already touched on hanging outdoor lighting ideas in some of the other points, below are a few images of feature lights that really do ‘steal the spotlight’ and create a focal point for attention when done right in a backyard.

Don’t forget the feature lights

Don’t forget the feature lights

Don’t forget the feature lights

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