Types of Fences for Your Front and Back Yard

When choosing the type of new fence you would like for your front or back yard, there are a few things to consider, whether it is for security or aesthetics, privacy, or curbside appeal. Where you live, how much you’re willing to invest, and what materials are most suited to your climate are just some things to consider. Ready to look beyond the typical white picket fence and make the right choice for your beautiful outdoor space?

12 Modern Fence Ideas You’ll Love

1.   Wood Fences With a Modern Twist

white wooden picket fence

A timber fence is a solid choice for a modern front yard. With a natural warmth that emanates from the raw material, the highly customizable material can be finished in a range of stains and paints and assembled to create unique styles. Cedar-treated lumber, decking boards, whitewood, you name it: the types of wood options you can choose are endless.

A few modern styles we adore: capped fencing, dog-eared, lattice top, and cap trim. Although we are seeing more of a rise in simple, no-capping wood fences in natural, white, or black paint colors, you really can customize the look according to your preferences.

For those living in areas affected by harsher weather conditions, a wood fence may be a little harder to maintain. Bear in mind that the right sealants will need to be used to protect your wood panels from weather and pests.

2.   Aluminum Battens in Timber Look

For a weather-hearty alternative, the aluminum battens in timber look can create the same modern facade with a more durable functionality suitable for a range of climates. They are also more lightweight compared to a wrought iron option.

3.   Wrought Iron Fences for a Decorative Splash of European Luxury

Want that modern European condo feel? The metal wrought iron fence is a classic and elegant option for front or back yards. Highly durable and low maintenance, these fence types create a high level of security and privacy. Although on the more expensive side, the beautiful detailing can be more decorative and even juxtaposed with some concrete pillars for a more grand curbside appearance. You can even go for a no rust, no fuss option depending on the quality of wrought iron you choose.

4.   Tall Privacy Fences for Modern Homes With a Secluded Feel

Tall privacy fences promise exactly as the name suggests. These fences are less about showing off your garden’s best features and all about keeping peeping eyes away. A privacy fence can be made from a range of different materials to suit your climate. Whether vinyl, wood, color bond, or other, these will usually have no gaps between slats, and the height will be around six to eight feet high.

If you need help adding on height to your current fence, another alternative is to add a fence extension or fence topper that comes in a range of materials with full to partial privacy options depending on if you’d like a trellis or fully enclosed fence topper. These are usually cheaper options compared to replacing a whole fence and can be screwed in place to add another 1 or 2 feet of height.

5.   Metal Fencing Panels for Modern Artistic Flair

Want something a little more industrial-looking or even rustic? You can invest in weathered steel fence panels that give off a burnt orange, grungy metal appeal pairing beautifully with dark-colored wood beams. We tend to see this look go well in Japanese-themed gardens or period homes with more wild natives and shrubbery lining the garden beds. With artistic steel cut designs, you can tell a story with your fencing, of course, these aren’t the cheapest option on the market. But on the plus side, being corrosion-resistant, they can last up to 120 years!

6.   Lattice Fencing

lattice fencing

Want to introduce some climbers and vines for a slightly more transparent fencing style that embraces nature and greenery? Lattice or trellis fencing is your way to go. Although this less sturdy type of fencing is definitely not made for securing boundaries, it can be a lovely internal garden wall or helpful material for vertical gardening that gives life to a bare wall.

7.   Hedge Fences

Privacy hedges made from evergreen plants are a beautiful, natural-looking option that looks like the extension of your front yard garden. With the right plant, you can block out neighbors and prying eyes without needing a paneled fence.

Easy to install, the only downside is making sure that you choose the right evergreen plants to ensure your privacy isn’t compromised by the change of seasons. Of course, waiting for the plant to grow to full maturity can also be a pain for some.

Some evergreen plants we advise for privacy hedges in the US:

  • English Holly
  • Barberry Bushes
  • Boxwood Shrubs
  • Lilacs
  • Rose of Sharon
  • Privet hedges
  • Azaleas
  • Arborvitae

Many of these have stunning flowers or color alternatives that can help create a unique look for your front yard. If you need help sourcing the right plants for your front yard hedge fence, check out our Landscape Design services.

8.   Stone Fences for a Grandeur Appeal

bluestone fence

Looking for a more luxurious frontage for your home? Whether sandstone, stacked stone gabion walls, or other, these highly durable, weather-resistant fences are extremely private and offer unmatched security. A more expensive option that requires professional installation, we are well-versed in building stone fences for luxury modern homes. You can explore our range of stone masonry work here.

9.   Bamboo Fences for a Tropical Modern Villa Vibe

Want an eco-friendly fence that invites all passers-through to breathe easy and soak in the surroundings? Bamboo fences are a terrific option for those wanting a fence that will blend in with nature and enhance the exotic, tropical, or slightly Balinese vibe.

Lightweight and extremely easy to install, the only downside is they may not be as durable as other fence types and are more susceptive to weather and pest damage.

10. Vinyl Fencing (AKA PVC) for Easy Privacy Screening That’s Lower Maintenance

Vinyl fences, or PVC fencing, is a plastic-based material also known as polyvinyl chloride. Known for being a lot less maintenance compared to wood, this durable and weather-resistant material also doesn’t warp, rot, or fade over time. Various modern fence designs are available for front yards so that you can play with colors and styles, including some imitation wood or stone vinyl. A tad more expensive than wood, these usually come in a kit of interlocking pieces and can be easily assembled. A little more susceptible to algae, mildew, and mold… it is not the best option for damp or swampy terrain.

11.   Glass Fencing for a Sleek and Modern Look

Do you have a porch or terrace in your front yard that needs enclosing? A glass fence is an effective way to screen an elevated area without blocking the view of the garden. Glass fences provide a sleek and modern look and are great for showcasing landscaping and architecture. They can be frameless or supported by metal posts and come in different opacity levels for privacy.

12.   Composite Fencing for Versatility

Do you live in an area with varying weather conditions? Composite fencing could be perfect for you. Made from a blend of wood fibers and recycled plastic, these fences are often a lot more durable and low-maintenance when it comes to upkeep.

Less expensive than wood fencing and known to preserve its quality for up to 30 years, it also won’t be affected by pests and insects. Available in a range of colors that make modernizing your front yard a whole lot easier, this versatile, man-made fencing option is certainly a premium and convenient choice.

What to Think About When It Comes to Fence Designs for Front Yards

Of course, with the abundance of ideas and inspiration for fence designs at your fingertips, it’s easy to get lost in the practicalities and forget to ask some simple questions that could be the missing piece to your securing your dream home. Asking the following questions can certainly help:

  • How much privacy do we need?
  • How much maintenance can we commit to?
  • How high do the fences need to be?
  • Are we trying to protect children and/or pets?
  • How much gap size between panels creates the look and functionality we need?
  • Will the planks look better placed horizontally or vertically?
  • Do we need to allow for a gate?

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