Fireside Flair: 7 Unique Fire Pit Seating Area Ideas to Inspire You

Are you looking to elevate your outdoor experience and create the most mesmerizing retreat in your backyard? Whether it’s for sitting under the stars or simply warming by the fire in the daytime, in this article, we have gathered 7 firepit seating area ideas that will turn your backyard firepit into a haven of tranquillity. 

From clean and contemporary designs to rustic and cozy setups, there is something for every aesthetic and lifestyle. Imagine lounging in plush cushions around a crackling fire, sipping on your favorite drink, and enjoying the warmth on a cool evening. Whether you prefer a spacious seating area for hosting gatherings or a more intimate setting for a romantic evening under the stars, these ideas will inspire you to create the perfect ambiance.

1. Built-in patio seating

built in firepit seating area

Want a streamlined, cohesive seating area that makes your firepit the main attraction? Built-in patio seating around your firepit instantly creates a polished look, with the benefits of easy maintenance due to being made from more durable materials, whether it be stone, wood, or concrete. 

Perhaps not the first pick for comfy outdoor seating, but roll out some slimline cushions on the days you plan to use it, and you have style and comfort covered. Perfect for breezy areas where freestanding furniture would otherwise be a safety hazard, it can also be perfectly customized to the dimensions of your patio space.

At The Patio Company, this is actually something we’re well known for designing and curating for premium residential homes. If you want to amplify the look and feel of your fire pit seating area, explore our firepits and fireplaces services.

2. Square fire pit seating area 

custom square stone fire pit on a patio

For a modern spin on any Hampton’s style yard, you can’t go past a square fire pit seating area with comfy white armchairs and hints of nautical sea blue tones. 

The clean lines and square edging create a nice symmetry that keeps the look up to date and not venturing into classic or vintage style vibes.

3. Rustic stone on stone


A rustic stone patio with stone edging for bench seating creates an understated yet timeless look. If you’re looking for outdoor bench ideas that require no extra furniture, then this is worth noting. Imagine summer nights gathered around, toasting marshmallows, after a barbecue dinner on the patio.

With zero maintenance required, it can feel a little cold or uncomfortable to spend hours huddled around, so ensuring the right decorative pillows and cushion liners are available will be handy.

4. Pretty and petite outdoor deck furniture ideas

seating area with round retaining wall

Want something a little more elegant? A provincial-style armchair that contrasts with the sandy pavers and soft lavender garden can instantly create a nostalgic feel that immerses you in the feeling of springtime. The perfect season for enjoying the outdoors without the winter chill. The benefits of movable, lightweight chairs like these around your firepit are that you can add as much or as little seating as you need, easily storing them away in the wet months and not being locked into a certain look forever.

With a firepit area as versatile as this, you can update the furniture as you please. Nonetheless, for a pretty courtyard that captivates your guests, add a few pot plants, a freestanding umbrella, and a side table for nibbles and drinks, and you’ve instantly elevated this look into a luxe location for a light lunch and Sunday sips.

5. Beach-inspired seating around a fire pit

beach inspired fire pit seating area

Perfect for by-the-coast homes or those wanting to recreate the feeling of dipping their toes in the sand, a fire pit with traditional Adirondack chairs on a sand patio can instantly take you back to holidaying in the Maldives. Make home your own oasis. Bring sunset drinks to the fire pit and enjoy all that the comforts of being in your own backyard have to offer.

Our Gloucester project above is a stunning example of how to create a backyard seating area that ties in with the rest of the environment and natural surroundings.

6. Elevated seating

seating area with round fire pit

The main attraction at the end of a long winding gravel path, this beautiful circular patio with a fire pit, was designed to be elevated, standing tall among the trees and creating prominence amongst the established garden. Reclining chairs in a light aqua tone ensures that the seating doesn’t stand out too much but is still visually appealing to make you want to wander in and take a seat. We loved creating this space for our clients and think it would be just as suitable for those looking to create a unique space around their outdoor fountains or ponds.

7. Modular seating for ultimate comfort

Broad edge fire pit with modular seating

The chairs you choose for around a fire pit can make or break the feeling you’re trying to create, In this Modern Hampton Style outdoor retreat, it was important that the furniture tied in nicely with the very neutral color palette and rounded patio paver design.

By choosing modular furniture with woven textures and rounded curves, we added a very luxe, resort-like feel to the fire pit area, with each chair having its own side table. Plush cushions and set in a stunning location, the area is certainly appealing for any guest to kick their feet up and relax. A few things to consider with this furniture, though, is weather damage. Ensuring you store away the cushions during wet seasons and spray the fabric with a Scotchguard is key.

How to choose the right seating for your firepit.

Of course, knowing which seating to choose for your firepit requires assessing your needs and how you will use the area. Will you need space for large groups, or are you hoping it will be the centerpiece of more intimate gatherings?

From here, you can further evaluate how comfortable you want the seating to be, what style you’re going for, what materials suit the environment (eg. whether it can withstand exposure to the sun, rain, and temperature fluctuations), how much cleaning, oiling and sealing you would be committed to, whether you want seating that has in-built features like cup-holders, how sturdy it needs to be, and more.

In regards to which materials to be on the lookout for, common durable materials that are perfect for outdoor furniture include teak, aluminum, wrought iron, all-weather wicker, and certain types of plastics.

If you’re in the process of reimagining your outdoor space and need expert support in the process, get in touch. We can help you create the most appealing fire pit area that has you spending evenings under the stars and mornings on the patio with a coffee in hand. Contact The Patio Company today.

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