Riverside Retreat in Gloucester

This gorgeous waterfront property allowed our team to get very creative. The beautiful home overlooks the Annisquam River and the owner was looking to make their yard reflect the view’s beauty.

Coming around the side of the house, there was an 11-foot elevation change to get to the backyard. Our client’s wish list included a spa, firepit area, outdoor kitchen, and outdoor shower. With a compact space to work with, our team got to work to make sure that everything would come together seamlessly.

Our lead masons worked to make sure that the granite veneering was precisely laid and worked with the major elevation change by adding bluestone steps to lead from the front yard down to the shower and then further down to the spa.

Surrounding the spa is Mahagony decking that our carpenters put together and along with a stunning Mahogany wall featuring a granite center piece. This wall was a great way to make the space feel more private.

If you take a trip down the Annisquam River, you will also see the stunning granite sea wall which helps prevent erosion. This wall comes to a point which resembles the bow of a ship. Our client even found a real pulpit to place on this point. Here is where the firepit area sits – carrying the nautical theme with sand surrounding the firepit for relaxing by the water.

The final touch that our crew added was an outdoor kitchen including a grill, fridge, and trash compartment. The granite continues here to give a clean look.

This riverside retreat was an amazing job for our crews to get out of their comfort zone and maximize a challenging space.

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