Pool Patio Paradise in Gloucester

Perched atop a scenic high point with stunning Ipswich Bay views, this residence offered a unique canvas—a sloping natural ledge eager for transformation into an extraordinary outdoor retreat. With an 18-foot elevation change, our challenge was clear: elevate and enhance this outdoor haven.

Our homeowners envisioned a seamlessly integrated pool within their existing outdoor realm. The journey began with a strategically engineered retaining wall, embracing three sides of the exquisite new pool. Set amidst established hardscape, the custom gunite pool emerged as the centerpiece, boasting a 9-foot square sun shelf and a built-in sitting bench with panoramic ocean views—a haven of luxury and relaxation. For fitness enthusiasts, a dedicated lap lane was meticulously designed.

Innovative automation takes center stage with an automatic switch opening and closing the pool cover.

Large natural boulders discovered on-site became artful natural stairs, connecting the backyard to the pool deck and the pool deck to the back porch. Skilled gardeners curated an enchanting landscape with lavender, sea grass, daisies, and ground cover in multi-level garden beds among natural granite.

Craftsmanship transformed a shed into a pool house marvel. Inside, a thoughtfully designed entertaining space beckons, complete with a refrigerator and an indoor-outdoor counter with stylish stools. Unwind by the poolside with a custom gas fire table featuring stone veneer and a bluestone top, positioned near the shallow end with a wind shield for added comfort.

The pool area is embraced by a cable railing, gracefully accentuating the retaining wall. Immerse yourself in a world where every detail transforms an outdoor space into a haven of luxury, leisure, and natural beauty.