Trending Front Yard Landscape Design Ideas for 2024

When designing your dream house, be sure to remember how important your front yard landscaping is and what a difference it can make for first impressions! Your front yard is the first step in wowing your visitors—so keep that in mind when designing it! Consider the following as a list of ideas that will help your front yard look how you’ve always dreamed it would. 

Whether you’re looking for some advice for your front porch landscaping, ideas for front yard garden designs, or just general front yard landscaping design ideas, we’ve got you covered. We will help you find some ideas that will impress your guests and boost your home’s curb appeal.

Front Yard Driveway Design Ideas to Catch Your Eye

Trending Front Yard Landscape Design Ideas for 2024

Your driveway should complement the beauty of your home. As functional as they are, a well-executed driveway can make a big impact on the overall aesthetic of your home and front yard landscaping. Listed below are a couple of trending front driveway design ideas that we’ve already got our eyes on:

Sustainable Patterned Driveways 

Urban greening is the trend right now—and for good reason! Designing a modern front yard landscape with sustainability in mind can surprisingly cut your maintenance costs by ensuring your garden supports proper drainage, maximizes energy efficiencies, and saves you some hard-earned cash while looking amazing

You can make your driveway earth-friendly by alternating strips of concrete with strips of grass. The greenery mixed in with the hard concrete lets you still access your garage easily but also encourages rain to slow down and absorb into the soil. This means the rain won’t flow straight into municipal storm drains, which is exceptionally helpful if you live in areas where stormwater runoff is taxed. 

Royal Pillar Entrances

Trending Front Yard Landscape Design Ideas for 2024

Need landscape design ideas for a front yard? A pillar (or a tall tree) on either side of the driveway can help your entrance convey a stately and traditional appearance reminiscent of more Colonial-style homes. As pictured above, we helped to bring this front yard from our Manchester Project to life by adding a regal pillar on either side of the driveway. The pillars protect your luscious garden from being driven on whilst also providing you and your guests with an elegant entrance to your beautiful home. 

Circular Driveways with Statement Garden Beds

Trending Front Yard Landscape Design Ideas for 2024

Front house landscaping ideas don’t get more iconic than this. If you have a circular driveway, you have the perfect opportunity to place a statement garden bed directly in the center of it. A perfectly round garden bed featuring an array of boulders surrounded by vibrant annuals and perennials will make for a gorgeous statement piece that adds flair to your driveway. 

You will want to ensure you are choosing plants that are suitable for all seasons and weather conditions in your area. You will also want to plant them with room to grow or change out for other annuals. Slow-growing, evergreen plants are perfect for this type of garden bed. Some examples of this include the Creeping Juniper; ornamental grasses, like Blue fescue (Festuca glauca) or Blue Grama (Bouteloua gracilis; or a mix of hydrangeas, roses, and boxwoods. 

Front Yard Walkway Design Ideas

Another way to liven up your modern front house landscape is to include some whimsical garden features to warmly welcome your guests. These could include landscaping and hardscaping ideas like designing an archway entrance to your front porch walkway, creating multiple porch access points with a forked walkway around garden beds, or using grow-through pavers or stepping stones so you can hop-skip-jump your way to the front porch with ease. 

Whimsicle Archway Entrances

Trending Front Yard Landscape Design Ideas for 2024 

Want your visitors to feel as if they’ve just walked into a Tuscan entryway from a mesmerizing movie scene? Build an archway entrance, and certainly don’t be shy with the climbers, trellis plants, and creeping vines. Whether the arch is made of wood, metal, shrubs, trees, or flowers (or all of the above), an archway can create a fairytale-like experience as you walk through your front yard to your front door. 

Similar to the royal pillar entrance we mentioned earlier, an archway can help break up the greenery and provide some height to your garden, calling attention to the front of the house. 

Forked Walkway Garden Tour 

A forked walkway can liven up the journey to your front door. A walkway from your sidewalk/driveway that forks off into different directions can allow for more sightseeing of your wonderful front garden that you have put great effort into. 

The different pathways allow you and your guests to easily access more of your yard and create room to plant more luscious greenery and plants in the middle of the forked walkway—It’s a win-win! 

If your space permits, this idea is also the perfect opportunity to feature something special like a bench seat, a water fountain, a spectacular native tree, or anything you’d like to bring attention to. The forked walkway could blossom into a variety of landscape design ideas for front yards.

Stepping-Stone Pavers 

One benefit of using stepping-stone pavers instead of solid concrete walkways is their environmental impact. The more grassy surface area you have, the better! As there is less solid concrete, it will help reduce heat absorption and again minimize stormwater runoff—similar to using the grass-patterned driveway idea we mentioned earlier. 

Stepping-stone pavers can come in all shapes and sizes and can start from the very front of your front yard and circle right around your property to your back garden if needed. Pictured above are a few examples of stepping-stone pavers we have done in the past!

Front Yard Greenery Ideas 

Finding trendy front-house landscaping ideas can be hard. Sculpted hedges, ombre flower beds, and color-gradient planting are just some of examples of such. Get a little artistic and transform your front yard into an enchanting experience. 

Sculpted Hedges 

Sculpted hedges are a beautiful way to add dimension and shape to your front garden whilst also adding a layer of privacy for you and your family. They can also provide you with a natural but solid canvas for your colorful plants and garden beds. 

Take inspiration from the world around you—from hedges shaped into waves, geometric shapes, or even your favorite animal, the options are endless. You can look to artistically sculpted structures for inspiration or make a design of your own. Have fun with and embrace your creativity! 

Color Gradient Planting 

An easy method to minimize visual chaos in your garden is to plant in gradients. Once again this is where knowing your color wheel helps. At The Patio Company, we think beyond plant types and styles when selecting the right picks for your garden. We also select flowers or plants that match the hues of the color theme you’ve chosen, making sure our plant selection complements the overall design. 

As an alternative to a color gradient, you could choose flower colors that will complement each other once they both bloom. Red and green, blue and orange, yellow and violet—all perfect examples of complementary color schemes. 

Retaining Walls for Front Garden Beds 

Front Yard Design Ideas

Retaining walls play both functional and aesthetic purposes and are strategically engineered to hold soil in place and avoid soil erosion. If your land is on a slope or you want an elevated garden bed like the examples pictured above, you can use this idea to maximize your space and boost functionality. 

Dry-stacking rocks in a straight line (as shown above, far left) is just one of many methods of building retaining walls. These walls can add seamless dimension to an otherwise flat front yard. Planting perennial shrubs is perfect for this type of space. 

Multi-tiered terraces are another method involving retaining walls that can boost your home’s curb appeal. They can be home to ornamental grasses that thrive year-round and can add different height dimensions to your sloped front yard. Multilevel flower beds with walkways through each level can (quite literally) elevate your front yard and add more wow factor as you and your guests make your way up to the front door. 

Other than providing room to plant more luscious flowers, retaining walls can also guide any cars or vehicles away from driving on top of your gorgeous lawn.

Front Porch Lighting Design Ideas 

Front Yard Design Ideas

Front Yard Design Ideas

Front Yard Design Ideas

The last thing someone will see before they head inside is the front porch. There are plenty of ways to make your porch a functional and pretty place to spend your time. 

Hang a swinging chair where you intend to sit and read a book, build a raised herb garden bed that’s easily accessible for picking, or keep it simple and use special outdoor lighting to illuminate the front yard that you already worked so hard to cultivate—the choice is yours. 

Lighting Ideas for Front Porch

If you are already inspired by the front yard landscapes above, don’t forget that outdoor lighting is the only way they can truly shine at night. Any low-voltage lights can help create the perfect ambiance for your front yard. Listed below are a few ways to illuminate your garden:

  • Outdoor fairy lights: wrapped around your archways can enhance that feeling of enchantment and have a stunning visual effect. 
  • Riser lights: for any stairs or any raised ground that you may have—good for functionality and appearance. 
  • Feature lanterns: similar to the lights pictured above, these gorgeous lights keep you safe at night (no stubbing of toes here!) and look amazing doing so. 
  • Path lights: great for illuminating the way to the front door; can be small and quaint or big and bold—up to personal preference. 

So, how did we go? Have you added some notes to your wishlist for when the time comes to design your beautiful front yard? Are you ready to enchant your guests with unique front-house landscaping? 

Our garden design and maintenance services can lend you a hand or two and take the pressure off all the decision-making. Contact The Patio Company today if you’re ready to walk into a front yard you’re truly proud of.

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