See It Then Build It: Our Approach to Backyard Visualization

At The Patio Company, we’re passionate about helping our clients realize the full potential of their backyard. When investing in a backyard transformation, making sure that you are making the most of the space, choosing the most suitable materials, and settling on the right decisions has a lot to do with first being clear on the vision. This is where our 3D design service sets us apart in our industry.

Have us graphically design your backyard for ultimate peace of mind

As part of our service, we’ve revolutionized the way our clients envision their backyard spaces by employing the cutting-edge capabilities of Structure Studios. Spearheading this transformation is Aiden, our talented designer, whose knowledge of utilizing 3D design tools has left our clients in awe. With Structure Studios, we’ve elevated the backyard planning experience, enabling our clients to visualize every detail of their dream outdoor space so they can have more clarity, more control, and more peace of mind in the decisions they make along the way.

Just think about it, consider yourself a perfectionist? Wish you could see how the pool area would look before you settle on stone paving or timber decking? With 3D visualisations, indecision and the stress of the ‘what ifs’ become things of the past.

What’s included in our 3D design packages

Our unique offering includes a concept contract priced at $2,500, encompassing two initial design concepts and one final iteration. This comprehensive package allows our clients to explore different ideas and choose the one that resonates with their vision.

Once the final concept is agreed upon, we present a detailed estimate for the entire project, ensuring transparency and aligning expectations before we embark on bringing the dream backyard to life.

How it works – see your design in 5 simple steps

Below, we’ve made the process of transforming your backyard easy.

1. Inquire today

Call us at 978-468-9793 or complete an inquiry form, and our team will respond within 24 hours with initial information, including lead times and a price estimate.

2. Consultation / Site Visit

We’ll organize to meet at your property to record details and discuss your overall vision for the project. During this visit, we will also take pictures and site measurements.

3. Optional 3D Design

You have the option to order a 3D design of your project (paid for upfront). If so, schematic design takes about two weeks to four weeks to complete, depending on the size of the project.

4. Estimation

After your consultation and design (if you choose this option), we then create a detailed estimation based on what has been discussed and the chosen designs.

5. Scheduling

If you’re happy with the estimate, we will book the job and confirm timelines. At this stage, a contract is issued and the first payment installment will be due.

Please be advised that we are currently booking projects for the next six months. Our estimated turnaround time is roughly four to six weeks, depending on the project.

Once your information has been received, a member of our team will get in touch to explain our process and the next steps.

Why you need our 3D designs if you’re considering installing a pool

At The Patio Company, our strength is our ability to organize space around a pool. Consistent with how our clients would utilize the space. We think about lifestyle and ensure every element is suitable for all members to safely enjoy.

Some key elements that we like to help our clients envision include:

  • Custom gunite pools including sun shelf, ledge for sitting, stairs, lighting
  • Outdoor kitchens made of stone or wrapped in cedar
  • Pergolas
  • Fire tables and fire pits
  • Stone walls
  • Outdoor tv’s
  • Different perspectives of the yard, including a birds-eye view
  • Stairs

Have an oddly shaped block or unlevel landscape? The 3D designs can be particularly helpful in visualizing pools and patios on yards with uneven terrain.

Examples of some of the 3D designs we’ve created for clients

3D Visual Example - The Patio Company

3D Visual Example - The Patio Company

3D Visual Example - The Patio Company

Bringing dreams to life

Our backyard visualization approach not only streamlines the planning process but also instills confidence in our clients as they witness their dreams take shape on the screen. It’s more than just a design—it’s a visual promise of the breathtaking outdoor space that awaits them. Want to see your dream backyard come to life? Contact The Patio Company today.

Contact us today to start your project.