Top 25 Patio Design Blogs for Amazing Backyard Ideas.

If you are looking for the best educational and insightful patio design blogs, you have come to the right place.

The web is filled with hundreds of outdoor design blogs and we have decided to make that easier by giving you our opinion on the best blogs.

Whether your a top landscaper looking to up your game or the weekender finding easy solutions to improve your backyard. We believe the value you get from these bloggers will help to get you the most out of patio designs.


hideaway patio

Havenly is an online design consulting company that uses their talents to bring you the best. Havenly’s blog is chalked full of interior and exterior design for beginner and experts alike. The blogs aesthetic alone make us want to keep on reading and digging into thier Design Stories.


Outdoor Elegance Patio Design Center

25 patio decorating designs

Outdoor Elegance’s blog is a robust flavor of a blog. Ranging from special recipes to cook on the patio, ranging to the latest designs in landscape design. They go beyond to show you the hot patio items of the year.