15 Inspiring Patio Designs With A Fire Pit For The Cooler Months

15 Inspiring Patio Designs With A Fire Pit For The Cooler Months

With the holiday season and cooler months approaching, we can’t think of anything better than spending time with friends and family in front of a warm, cozy firepit. Whether you’re toasting marshmallows or chatting into the wee hours, there’s nothing like the glow of a fire on a chilly evening to get you feeling warm inside and out. 

Paver Patio Designs For Extra Coziness

If you’re looking to upgrade your patio design, fire pits are a surefire way to bring instant warmth, character, and coziness to your outdoor space. Not only do they create a warm and inviting communal space, but they allow you to entertain and spend time outdoors all year round.

As the centerpiece of any outdoor get-together, it’s important to ensure your fire pit is thoughtfully designed and integrated into your existing patio and landscaping. Here at The Patio Company, we’re experts in providing safe and stylish fire pits which work seamlessly with your existing design and outdoor landscaping. To help inspire your next patio design, here are our best patio designs with a fire pit for any home. 

15 Fire Pit Patio Designs For Winter

1. Create An Outdoor Room

Give your patio an extra edge by styling it as you would an indoor room. Keep your fire pit as the focal point and surround it with comfortable seating and a dining area. Coordinate your outdoor furniture as you would inside to help you maximize your backyard space and create an area where family and guests alike will want to spend time, no matter the temperature. This cozy lodge in Pennsylvania makes use of a patterned rug paired with festoon lighting and greenery to effortlessly tie the space together, while a dining table and seating are positioned close by to create a beautiful outdoor room.

2. Sunken Fire Pit

A sunken fire pit is a great option for keeping your paver patio design clean and streamlined while hiding a cozy little surprise. This outdoor setup from Dwell includes a modern, square fire pit with rounded edges coupled with geometric seating, all complimenting the rectangular pavers used throughout the patio design. By matching the tones of the furniture with the tones of the landscaping materials, the fire pit is snugly tucked away. The end result is a sophisticated gathering area, which leaves an unobstructed view of the patio or garden while providing intimacy and privacy to anyone gathering around the fire pit.  

3. Built-in Seating

Built in seating around fire pit

Create a feature wall and shield the wind with built-in seating that is perfect for the colder months. Gather around the fire, decorate it with a few throw pillows and change up the look, depending on the season.

In this patio, a round rustic fire pit provides all the warmth while subtly creating extra entertaining space. Arrange some casual seating to create a snug space for gathering by gently sectioning it off from the rest of your outdoor space.

4. Keep Rugs and Blankets Close By

Source: Pinterest

A firepit is instantly cozy, but add some rugs and blankets to your patio decor, and you’re onto a winner. This chunky knitted blanket adds texture and warmth to the seating area around this firepit and makes for an inviting space to comfortably curl up with a hot drink and good conversation. 

5. Let There Be Light

Don’t wait for the Holiday Season to hang your festoon lights. String them up around your firepit and patio to create a magical atmosphere all year round. Whatever the size of your patio, string lighting will instantly create a whimsical, rustic feel, especially when paired with comfortable cushions, textured throws, and an outdoor drinks bar as in this gorgeous design from Next Luxury. The added visual interest of the raw stonework of the fire pit and textured pavers bring extra charm to this patio and firepit combination.  

6. Firepit With A View

Fire pit with a view

Make the most of the view with a centerpiece for your outdoor furnishings that will point to your surroundings. No matter the shape of your patio, a traditional fire pit is a perfect way to lure your guests to sit back and relax, immersing themselves in the view and all your property has to offer. Tying in the nautical theme with sand underfoot, don’t be surprised with an outdoor patio like this if sunset drinks tend to linger a little longer into the late night hours. 

7. Shape Up

Square built in fire pit

When choosing a fire pit for your outdoor entertaining area, think carefully about the shape and how the fire pit will play into the rest of your courtyard design. While a round firepit is perfect for intimate family nights roasting marshmallows, this square fire pit design is a more modern design for encouraging evenings of long conversation. Its long, narrow silhouette works beautifully with the modern coastal seating, while the surrounding grey concrete tiles and stacked stone walling in similar tones create a sense of serene cohesion. Creating a beautiful focal point for chairs to gather around, this shape invites the perfect meeting place for drinks, nibbles, and evenings of entertaining.

8. Surround Yourself With Nature

Lanscape design with built in fire pit

Create your very own backyard oasis by surrounding your firepit with lush greenery. A mixture of textures and heights will add interest to the courtyard while encouraging calm and relaxation. This simple outdoor firepit design mixes natural elements, such as stone flooring and timber seating, all surrounded by verdant greenery. The light concrete color of the simplistic yet elegant fire pit pops beautifully against the earthy tones around it, creating a private retreat in your own bay-overlooking backyard. 

9. Minimalist Fire Pit

A minimalist fire pit helps bring warmth to your patio design while still letting other elements, for example, pavers, seating, or greenery, really sing. In this paver patio, an open basin cast iron fire pit works like a piece of sculptural art. A sleek, simple design, it centers the space and contrasts beautifully with the warm wood of the bench seating and the cool tones of the gravel and pavers. By adding a sizable armchair and comfortable cushions, the space is transformed into the perfect evening retreat on a cool evening. 

10. Outdoor Fireplace

Outdoor fireplace

Blend indoor and outdoor living with an outdoor stone fireplace that echoes a traditional fireplace. Wander from the pool, into the outdoor retreat and create warmth as the sun starts to go down with the most beautiful rustic patio area that could be from a bygone era. When building your masonry firepit, be sure to use high-quality materials like our very own custom stone masonry. With soft, neutral chairs and cushions, the traditional stone wall and fireplace become the focal point of this snug little outdoor retreat. 

11. Modern Angles

Straight lines, sleek edges, and a unique shape give this paver patio design and fire pit an instant wow factor. Reminiscent of the Greek islands, this sleek, neutral render used to finish the fire pit and bench seating is paired with simple tonal cushions, allowing the triangular fire pit to steal the show. The whole look is modern and sophisticated, enhanced even further by the decision to use minimalist built-in seating rather than traditional patio furniture. 

12. On The Move

Where space or budget is an issue, a portable fire pit can help to keep your patio design flexible. This is also a great solution for renters who are looking for a less permanent addition to their patio but are still keen on the warmth and vibrancy a fire pit brings to outdoor spaces. By choosing a portable fire pit, you have the freedom to convert your patio into whatever you need it to be, whether for entertaining, playing, or relaxing. In this circular design, the round fire pit acts as the focal point for surrounding seating but can easily be moved to provide an open space for large groups to congregate or for children to play. 

13. Open Concept

Open fire pit area

Maximize your patio space by designing a multi-level pool patio and fire pit area, creating a seamless flow between outdoor dining, swimming, entertaining, and living. This circular fire pit is found at the end of the natural stone walkway, softly enclosed by a lavender flowerbed and gently descending from the pool area. The whole space is seamlessly tied together by the use of grey stone, creating an easy-on-the-eye outdoor entertaining area that works with the varying gradients of the property. 

If you’re looking to build a multi-level pool patio and fire pit, contact us today and find out how The Patio Company can create your dream outdoor area.

14. Family First

Broad edge fire pit

It’s important to design a patio with the whole family in mind, especially when choosing your fire pit. If it’s likely that children will be using the fire pit, choose one with broader ledges to act as an extra safety measure and protect little hands from open flames. Make sure there’s ample space around the firepit for multiple seats. Think of your paver patio as an extension of your home and family life, and add seasonal decorations around your firepit, like these fall-inspired pumpkins. 

15. Textures and Mixed Materials

Landscape design with built in fire pit

Combine different textures around your fire pit area to create a patio design that’s modern, earthy, and welcoming all at once. This rustic brick paver and bluestone outdoor area boasts an organically shaped fire pit sitting area lined by a hand-cut granite sitting wall and a permeable brick floor to manage water coming off the slope.  Surrounded by lush greenery for a welcoming and calming sanctuary, the earthy textures create a beautiful setting for social gatherings.​​

Feeling inspired? Let us help you design and install your patio. Simply contact us at the Patio Company to start building your dream alfresco area. 

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