The 7 Outdoor Patio Color Schemes to Elevate Your Outdoor Space

Wondering what outdoor patio color schemes could elevate your outdoor entertainment area? Depending on what ambiance, style, and mood you’re going for, the color scheme you choose can either make or break it. With tips on how to correctly inject that pop of color or neutral tone to enhance the aesthetics of your outdoor oasis, we’ve found 7 of the top recommended patio color schemes for 2023.

As the go-to landscape and patio designers in Massachusetts, we adore curating luxury outdoor spaces that stay beautiful all year round. Below are just some of the color schemes we are seeing pop up in our projects.

The oh-so Hamptons blue and white patio

For patio colors that will create the ultimate Hamptons look, think cool tones, soft blues, and paisley patterns, weaves, or stripes that pair cleanly with white or off-white tones. This clean, crisp color combo is a touch luxe and ultra-refreshing, reminiscent of color palettes that celebrate by-the-sea living. Perfect for those wanting a Hamptons, coastal, or even classic cottage vibe, you can expect to see white pieces of furniture or light timber pieces accompanying the look.

How to do it:

Pillows galore, you can get creative with anything white and blue, for a more rustic feel add in some white ceramic vases or water cans with a few sprigs of Forget-me-nots or petite Baby’s Breath. Patterned outdoor rugs and splashing your patio walls and pillars in white will instantly lift the fascia and create floor-to-ceiling cohesion. Of course, if doing this yourself feels a little overwhelming, our Patio Design and Installation service can help.

The coffee and cream, natural beige patio look

Want to create a sense of indulgence and calming serenity that promotes relaxation and sinking into comfort? Next on the list for patio color ideas is the dreamy coffee and cream duo that oozes sophistication for the contemporary patio design. With slightly off-white to tan and darker brown colors, the look maintains well, staying fresh for longer than pure white options.

How to do it:

Choose anything that fits within these neutral outdoor patio colors with an emphasis on materials that promise comfort, softness, and quality. Sunshades in cream and beige. Light brown furniture, white Caesarstone benchtops, and coffee tables, it’s the outdoor decor that will truly set this look apart. Think timeless antique serving trays with crystal glassware, candelabras, festoon lighting, and beautiful pieces that create a liveable opulence. As one of our more popular client requests, knowing how to build the landscape around a patio like this is something that we specialize in. If you’re looking for landscape designers in Massachusetts, look no further.

The tweed and terracotta terrace

Another take on the neutral outdoor lounge space is the totally palatial vibe of a more Mediterranean, Tuscan villa look. With a white backdrop and organically shaped curvature complemented by warm, sunny tones, this beachy, summery look will have you wanting to spend your days sipping Aperol spritzers on the day lounge while your better half finishes grilling dinner for an evening well spent outdoors. For those with a pool and wanting to offset the blue tones with some warm orange and green hues, this stunning summer patio will have you thinking you’re on holiday every time you step outside.

How to do it:

Think adding in outdoor furniture and décor made from natural fibers in all tones of tan, sand, and in some cases light peach or tangerine. A stunning jute or tweed rug is durable and earthy accompanied by some wicker chairs or ceiling-attached swing chairs. Sandstone pavers, potted cacti, or desert plants with weaved light shades also make for a color-consistent look.

A black, monochrome patio for a more moody sophisticated look

Minimalism in 2023 is certainly at the forefront, so why not embrace the ultra-modern, sleek look of choosing dark charcoal greys, jet-black finishes, and light concrete details that make the ambiance truly pop?

How to do it:

Think light concrete patio tiles, darker accented furniture, and black painted or PVC/Composite fencing that creates a neat and tidy look. Add some grand green foliage, silver-leafed plants, and a built-in seating area with sharp square angles to truly create an on-trend style that is timeless.

Considering adding in some black planters? To tie in the black color scheme, you may choose black planters for your greenery. This can include black ceramic or metal planters, for a more industrial look. To keep your black modern patio from feeling too dark or cold, add color and texture through materials such as a woven outdoor rug or textured throw pillows. You may even like to use some recycled steel decor to create an urban look and feel.

Deep Mahogany for a Balinese feel

Sensual, cathartic, and a tropical welcome into the outdoors, you can recreate the Bali villa setting with your own patio using the deep mahogany color palette. Rich, red timbers enhanced by wooden furniture and colorful outdoor decor that is unafraid to splash some color from the throw cushions, you can get some beautifully patterned materials with pops of fuchsia, yellow and red that really balance out the deep colors of the overall setting.

How to do it:

As a backdrop think of lots of green ferns, foliage, and tropical plants. Water features, jacuzzi tubs, and anything that replicates the sights and sounds of the tropical rainforest will make retreating to this patio space feel like an exotic trip to the day spa. For ease of use, pave the area with large light stone tiling to make the space practical, functional, and easy to keep clean.

Balinese design also often incorporates natural materials such as bamboo, rattan, and teak. Look for patio furniture made from these materials or use bamboo or thatch to create a Balinese-style patio cover.

Finally don’t forget to add lanterns and candles. A Balinese patio design often makes use of soft, warm lighting. Look for outdoor lanterns or string lights with a warm glow to create a relaxing ambiance.

Green white and grey for a Scandi or Parisian patio look

Don’t be fooled into thinking that a particular color combination will lock you into a certain style. Below we show how green white and grey can create the perfect Nordic exterior or be stylized to infuse a more classic, just-popped-into-Paris feel. Fancy making one of the below looks your own? You can get in touch with us for more information on how to recreate the look for your own space.

How to do it:

For a slightly Scandi or modern coastal colored patios, pair white with natural timbers, grey and silver accessories as well as lots of greenery in all shades and tones. Hanging vines, olive trees, concrete pottery, and modern white oversized pillows will create a dreamy exterior that all comes together beautifully. Lots of natural light is important here so opt for skylights and open patios.

For a more elegant, Parisian palette, think provincial furniture with patio furniture colors in bold black and white stripes. Dainty, coated wrought iron chairs or table settings and decorative umbrellas alongside some potted boxwood or roses will all work together to create a neat and classic look. A side note on choosing the right plants for a black and white Parisian style patio, aside from the abovementioned, lavender, geraniums and Jasmine also make for a lush, romantic atmosphere, just be sure to consider the size of the patio and how much direct sunlight the plants you choose will need.

Light and bright patios with grey and white

Contemplating what the best color for the patio furniture will be for a mid-century modern patio? In 2023 you can’t go wrong with light grey and white. Add in some cool blue or turquoise tones for a slightly more contemporary look.

How to do it:

Choose outdoor furniture colors in grey with raw timber trimmings with mid-century, slightly retro pieces. Accents of color in your pottery and pillows can also invite a feature color that ties in beautifully without overpowering the rest of the look. Wondering which colors go best? Bold, contrasting colors such as teal, mustard yellow, and olive green go really well with this edgy contemporary style. Consider incorporating these colors through your patio furniture, throw pillows, and outdoor rugs.

Another major design tip for utilizing this color scheme with some mid-century flair is to think of repetition of lines, geometric shapes, and patterned rugs, pavers, or wall features. A wonderful backdrop for entertaining, you can also get creative with table settings, linen, and outdoor umbrellas to truly make the space give off that magazine-worthy effect.

So there you have it. Our top 7 colorful patio ideas for 2023 that will be sure to elevate your space and make your home feel more like your own private outdoor haven. Did you find a style or color scheme that caught your eye? Let us help you refresh your patio space. Contact The Patio Company today.

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